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AFAQ Media & PR was established in Saudi Arabia. The basis of the project began two years ago in the UK with a postgraduate research study on the BBC's multiplatform strategy, focusing on social media platforms.

The story continued, and today Saudi leaders from local companies and media organisations are participating in supporting this initiative. This integration has made our methods and works different, adapting to the business and social climate in the Gulf region.

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AFAQ Media

AFAQ Media & PR is considered a partner and supporter for clients in developing corporate communication and public relations practices. AFAQ Media & PR employs its own research efforts and multi-platforms to meet the needs of the clients and their stakeholders.

AFAQ Media & PR have developed various digital strategies to engage AFAQ’s client partners with their audiences. The majority of these strategies include social media tactics.

AFAQ’s blend of communications components is built into different packages and solutions to meet diverse business goals.



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AFAQ Media & PR

It would be our pleasure to meet with you, to find in our various services and multiple platforms, the strong modern tools to reach your business’s goals.

Our main goal is to provide modern and reliable solutions in the fields of public relations, digital marketing, and communications.

We will happily conduct a free assessment consultancy session to discover your needs and development opportunities. AFAQ Media & PR standards protect its clients, working under nondisclosure agreements.

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