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AFAQ Media Research Center

AFAQ Media & PR partners with clients to develop Corporate Communication and Public Relations practices. AFAQ Media & PR employs its own research efforts and its multi-platforms to meet the needs of clients and their stakeholders.

AFAQ Media & PR have developed various digital strategies to engage AFAQ’s partners with their audiences.
The majority of these strategies include social media tactics. AFAQ’s blend of communications components is built into different packages and solutions to meet diverse business goals.

One of our unique research studies has looked at the way that corporate communications have been changed since 2011.
A case study of the BBC looked at how a major public corporation has adopted a social media and multi-platform strategy. The study reveals that the phenomenon of social media has affected both the values and the priorities of the BBC.

These changes have led to shaping new policies and practices at the media company. The effects of this transitioning in corporate communication are continuing and AFAQ Media & PR is positioned to be on top of this evolution in media.

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